Amundi lists competitive physical gold ETC on the London Stock Exchange

London, Royaume-Uni,

Amundi listed Amundi Physical Gold ETC, its first Exchange Traded Commodity on the London Stock Exchange. Since its launch in May 2019, the Amundi Physical Gold ETC has had significant inflows with assets now exceeding $2.7 billion USD.[1]

With an expense ratio of 0.15%[2], Amundi’s ETC offers investors access to gold prices, charging the lowest fees in Europe.[3] The exposure is fully backed by physical gold, which is held in HSBC’s secure vault, the largest bullion vault in London. 

Amundi and HSBC have worked together to create a robust structure that is both solid and transparent. HSBC acts as custodian, recording each gold bar in an “allocated account” in its vault. A unique swing bar mechanism ensures that the total amount of gold backing the ETC is always 100% allocated, and for full transparency, a complete list is available to investors detailing each gold bar with brand, serial number and weight.

Amundi Physical Gold ETC is the first[4] investment solution that exclusively holds bars sourced from 2012 and compliant with the “Responsible Sourcing Program” of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)[5]. The program, based on the OECD Due Diligence Guidance for Responsible Mineral Supply Chains was launched in 2012, set up to formalise existing standards for refiners’ due diligence. This standard includes measures to combat money laundering, terrorist financing and human rights abuses globally and is supported by third party annual audits.[6]

Amundi’s Gold ETC is aimed at investors looking to increase diversification within their portfolio. With gold relatively uncorrelated to other asset classes, the ETC can be used to gain exposure to a new source of performance, or as a potential hedge during periods of uncertainty.  

Ashley Fagan, Head of ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta Development for UK and Ireland at Amundi, said: “Markets in 2020 have been volatile but gold has delivered as a safe-haven asset. In an environment marked by uncertainty, gold can be used by investors to diversify their portfolios and provide an important long-term hedge against market risks and inflation. With this listing on the London Stock Exchange, we will provide UK investors with a robust, transparent and cost-efficient way to gain exposure to gold, in a local sterling trading line.”



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With over €112 billion[1] in assets under management, Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta is one of Amundi’s strategic business areas and is a key growth driver for the Group.

Amundi ETF, Indexing and Smart Beta business line provides investors - whether institutionals or distributors - with robust, innovative, and cost-efficient solutions, leveraging Amundi Group’s scale and large resources. The platform also offers investors fully customized solutions (ESG, Low Carbon, specific exclusions, risk constraints, etc.).

With over 30 years of benchmark construction and replication expertise, Amundi is a trusted name in ETF & Index management, among the world’s largest institutions. The team is also recognized for its ability to develop Smart Beta & Factor Investing solutions, with more than 10-year track-record


  1. ^ Amundi data as at 31/03/2020
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About Amundi

About Amundi

Amundi, the leading European asset manager, ranking among the top 10 global players[1], offers its 100 million clients - retail, institutional and corporate - a complete range of savings and investment solutions in active and passive management, in traditional or real assets.

With its six international investment hubs[2], financial and extra-financial research capabilities and long-standing commitment to responsible investment, Amundi is a key player in the asset management landscape.

Amundi clients benefit from the expertise and advice of 5,400 employees in 35 countries. A subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group and listed on the stock exchange, Amundi currently manages nearly €1.9 trillion of assets[3].

Amundi, a trusted partner, working every day in the interest of its clients and society



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