Amundi Annual General Meeting

London, UK,

Vote on all resolutions with an average approval rate of 97.8%

Say on Climate approved by more than 97% of voters

Dividend set at €4.10 per share

General meeting and dividend

Amundi’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders was held on Wednesday 18 May 2022 in the presence of its shareholders. With a quorum of 86.9%, the Meeting approved all the resolutions submitted by the Board of Directors, with an average approval rate of 97.8%. The detailed results of the votes of the General Meeting are available on the website

As announced on 9 February 2022, Amundi’s financial strength allows it to pursue its dividend policy, i.e. a payout rate of 65% of net income, Group share. The dividend for the financial year 2021 has been set at €4.10 per share, representing a yield of 7.3%[1]. The ex-dividend date is set at 23 May 2022 and the dividend will be paid from 25 May 2022.


Say on Climate

At the Annual General Meeting, Amundi submitted its climate strategy to the shareholders’ advisory vote, making it the first asset manager to put forward a Say on Climate resolution. The resolution was voted by 97.7% of shareholders, which demonstrates their strong support.

Making a success of the energy transition requires aligning the key players on short-, medium- and long-term strategies: governments, which must define public, industrial and fiscal policies as well as coherent regulations; companies, which must design the necessary technology solutions and make plans for the transition; and the financial system, which must support companies by allocating them the necessary capital.

Amundi is well aware of the challenges and resources to be deployed to ensure the success of the energy transition and believes that shareholders should be fully informed of how companies intend to contribute to this collective effort. As a shareholder, it therefore encourages the companies in which it invests to submit their climate strategy to an advisory vote at their General Meeting. Furthermore, as a listed company, Amundi considers that it also has a responsibility to be transparent about its own climate strategy to its shareholders.

In addition to the need for a scientific approach and the search for social and economic progress that guarantees the acceptability of the energy transition, Amundi’s climate strategy is based on the conviction that rather than excluding or divesting, it needs to support investee companies on their transition path.

As part of the climate strategy submitted to its shareholders’ advisory vote at the Annual General Meeting, Amundi has indicated that its voting policy with regard to “Say on Climate” of investee companies in the most emissions-intensive sectors will take into account the credibility of their decarbonisation strategy, as well as the drive for energy independence and competitiveness in all the countries in which Amundi invests, and the social impacts that this entails.





  1. Compared with 16 May 2022 closing price
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About Amundi

About Amundi

Amundi, the leading European asset manager, ranking among the top 10 global players[1], offers its 100 million clients - retail, institutional and corporate - a complete range of savings and investment solutions in active and passive management, in traditional or real assets. This offering is enhanced with IT tools and services to cover the entire savings value chain. A subsidiary of the Crédit Agricole group and listed on the stock exchange, Amundi currently manages more than €1.9 trillion of assets[2].


With its six international investment hubs[3], financial and extra-financial research capabilities and long-standing commitment to responsible investment, Amundi is a key player in the asset management landscape.


Amundi clients benefit from the expertise and advice of 5,400 employees in 35 countries.


Amundi, a trusted partner, working every day in the interest of its clients and society




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